Thursday, 23 August 2012

You must have this by 30 !!!

So, i turned 30 sometime ago and somewhere in the midst of the birthday wishes i got lost in thought. it started off as a reminisce of my journey so far, then it turned into a self assessment session. when i finally came back to, i realized am a work in progress though am not where i ought to be yet and far from where i want to be, the good thing is i’m well on the way. i ended up compiling a list of some things a progressive mind like YOU and i should have by age 30. Enjoy
1) A resume: a profile of jobs you can fit into
2) A savings account: haba! That’s the least you can have
3) A good job: that’s what people do when they grow up, work!!
4) A good friend: arguably the hardest thing to come by
5) A dream: not the one you have when you sleep, the one you have that makes you not want to sleep
6) A belief that you can achieve whatever you set your heart to: founded on the awareness of your potentials
7) A big heart: being charitable doesn’t end at giving materially, it also includes receiving others’ crap
8) A realization that one woman/man is enough: if you have two, you’ll still want one more
9) A sense of pride: pride here is talking about a good feeling about your heritage
10) A sense of responsibility: responsibility simply means being accountable for your actions
11) A good hair stylist: we can’t over emphasize the importance of appearance
12) A voters registration card: besides the fact that only grownups can own them, you should have a say in matters that affect you.
13) A little brother: a protégé, someone that looks up to you for direction and guidance
14) A sense of direction: an idea of what you want from life
15) A good sense of timing: timing is almost everything
16) At least, a post high school certification: the biggest room in life is the room for self improvement
17) A realization that friends come and go: this is a function of change
18) A set of dating rules and standards for courtship: part of growing up is knowing what you want
19) A healthy spending and saving habit: it’s called handling your business
20) A strong spiritual base: by now you should have sorted out the question of faith
21) A good sense of humor: growing up shouldn’t be so intense that we will forget how to enjoy a good laugh
22) A defined social circle: how and who do you roll with? Take note that it has nothing to do with your financial status
23) A relaxation routine: very necessary for creative minds
24) A stable relationship: for focus’ sake at the least
25) Real life experience: you have been around for 30 years right?