Friday, 30 March 2012

"Home Alone" star in drugs battle

He was once the mischievous, cherubic star of the hugely successful Home Alone movies.
However, Macaulay Culkin, now 31, appeared dishevelled and emaciated as he greeted fans in New York on Wednesday.

With his straggly goatee beard and messy hair, he looked gaunt as he sipped from an energy drink. He has been battling with drugs for awhile which is occassioned by the loss of his half-sister in a car accident last year and sister in a drug overdose.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Don Jazzy acquires 30million naira duplex in Lekki

Feelers from my sources have revealed that estranged partner of Dbanj, Don Jazzy has just acquired a new home inside Nicon estate in Lekki Phase 1. The property is believed to have cost nothing less than 30million naira and the award winning producer also purchased a range rover sport to compliment the new acquisition.

Don Jazzy recently split up with his partner of 10 years Dbanj and briefly "squatted" with his brother Dprince inside 1004 estate before finally securing his own place.

When you are big, you are big

No competition between Wizkid and I----Davido

Their music race along the same genre. They both have well developed penning skills that leaves them twisting yoruba words beautifully together before sprinkling them most creatively down their song lines.

Like Wizkid, Davido has gotten his own fair share of controversies especially as it concerns love and women. A case is the ‘bad girl picture gone viral’ which many say had further helped push the young singer into the face of the media.

Yet each time Davido is confronted with this question from entertainment journalists and blogs, his answer is a firm No. In his words “There is no competition between me and Wizkid. I’m actually with him most of the time. We sometimes talk about it, laugh about it; we go on twitter and look at blogs.

I don’t know why people weigh us together. I don’t believe in turn by turn; Why can’ Wizkid have a number one song in Abuja and I have another one in Port Harcourt or somewhere else and everyone carries it together; no competition as such. I see him as a colleague, maybe if I didn’t know him personally; but I do. We are even planning some things together, so cool.”

Court dissolves marriage after 30 days !!!

A Kaduna Sharia Court on Wednesday dissolved the marriage between one Maryam Ahmed and Sanusi Idris of Maje Village in the Igabi Local Government Area of Kaduna State, north central Nigeria after barely 30 days of the marriage.

The court also directed Maryam to refund N25,000 paid to her as dowry by Idris in addition to returning clothes presented to her for the marriage.

Maryam,16, had prayed the court to dissolve her marriage to Idris, 27, after just 30 days into the marriage because of a lack of interest in Idris.

She told the court that she would refund the dowry after the dissolution of the marriage.

In his submission, Maryam’s guardian, Malam Ahmed Maje, told the court that Idris had paid N25,000 as dowry.

Idris, however, claimed that he paid N45,000 as dowry to Maryam and not N25,000, explaining that he also paid N16,000 as compensation to one of Maryam’s suitors.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Lagos Jails Man For Refusing To pay Lekki Toll Fee

An Igbosere Magistrate’s Court, Lagos has sentenced a 39-year-old man, Rozer Oladimeji, to a week imprisonment for refusing to pay at the Lekki-Epe Expressway toll gate.

Oladimeji drove a red Toyota Jeep with number plate LND 607 AC about 3:51pm on March 18 and refused to pay the compulsory N120 toll.

Oladimeji allegedly zoomed at full speed on getting to the toll collection point of the expressway.

Unfortunately for Oladimeji, he was apprehended at 8.10pm when he was returning by toll collectors and security officers on the outward bound lane of the expressway.

The charge sheet read in part, “That you, Rozer Oladimeji, at about 3.51pm at the Toll Plaza, on Lekki-Epe Expressway, Eti Osa Local Government Area, drove a Toyota Jeep and refused to pay the toll when it was lawfully demanded from you.

“That you, Oladimeji, drove the vehicle in a reckless manner on a public highway.”

Oladimeji was charged with two counts of reckless driving and refusal to pay a lawful toll to which he pleaded guilty.

Police prosecutor, Mr. Clifford Ogu, told the court that the offence contravened sections 18(1) and 67(1) Cap 124 Vol. 6 of the Road Traffic Laws of Lagos State of Nigeria 2003.

Magistrate A. A. Famobiwo found Oladimeji guilty as charged and sentenced him to a week imprisonment.

Famobiwo, however, gave him an option of N5, 000 fine.

Most Interesting Facial Transplant Ever

Richard Lee Norris, 37, who suffered horrendous injuries in a gun accident in 1997, is recovering well and already brushing his teeth and shaving after last week's surgery, according to doctors at the University of Maryland Medical Centre in United States. Pictured (left) is Mr Norris before his accident, (center) shortly after his accident and (right) as he now looks following his face transplant

Thats what the power of science can do !

Man Screams "Boko Haram" in Lagos market

It was a site of "run for your life" today in ojuelegba as a man screamed BOKO HARAM in a market near the ever bubbling area. come and see as people scramping for their dear lives.

it was later discovered that the man who was dressed in a grotesque flowing robe and turban way is drunk. upon close examination, he was ozzing of alcohol. it took the timely intervention of men from the anti-bomb disposal unit of the Nigerian police force to restore peace and order to the area.

The man has since been arrested and will be charged for "breach of public peace" according to the force PRO.

The fear of boko haram is the begining of wisdom.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Step into the "only" 7star Hotel in the World

Burj Al Arab ( Tower of Arab) is the only 7star hotel in the world. Located in Dubai and standing at 1,053ft on an artificial island, it took six years to complete this 8th wonder of the world.

Al Mahara ("Oyster") is the unique restaurant of the hotel and it is accessed via a simulated submarine voyage, features a large seawater aquarium, holding roughly 9,900,000 L (350,000 cu ft) of water. The tank, made of acrylic glass in order to withstand the water pressure, is about 18 cm (7.1 in) thick.

 Burj Al Arab holds only 28 double-story floors which accommodate 202 bedroom suites.  White columns show great influence.Bathrooms are accented by mosaic tile patterns. Prices of rooms vary from approximately $1,000 to $27,000 per night for elegance and splendour.

Step into the gym with grace. The hotel boasts of state-of-art modern sporting facilities.

Burj Al Arab stands on an artificial island 280 m (920 ft) out from Jumeirah beach, and is connected to the mainland by a private curving bridge. The shape of the structure is designed to mimic the sail of a ship. Sometimes described as "the world's only seven-Star hotel

Jackson's "Killer" Complains About Jail Food

The doctor that was accused of "killing" pop-king, Micheal Jackson, Dr Conrad Murray is complaining bitterly about the way he is being treated in the prision facilty. According to him, the food is terrible like a cat food and the water is nasty.

Does this guy realize he is in jail for killing my music icon? Abeggy, make im shut up joor !

Monday, 19 March 2012

Man Claims To have The Map To Heaven

A self-proclaimed prophet from Mandeni, in KwaZulu-Natal, claims he has been to heaven four times, according to a report on Monday.
Sibusiso Mthembu, 64, said there were 11 heavens and he had drawn a map of them, the Sowetan newspaper reported.

Mthembu said he had his first heavenly journey in December 1998. The other three journeys took place in 2004, 2006 and 2008. On his return, he drew a map of heaven and its residents.
“An angel, whom I later realised was Gabriel, who was in his early 20s, appeared at my
house and led me by the hand to the Mandeni River where he baptised me and he returned to heaven,” Mthembu told the newspaper.

He said the same angel arrived in 1998 and this time took him along to heaven. Mthembu said he had seen God, Jesus and angels during his journeys.
Mthembu had written several books documenting his heavenly experiences, according to the newspaper.

Bizzare: Woman Murders Husband After Marathon Sex

An Egyptian woman had sex with her husband all the night to exhaust him, waited for him to fall asleep and stabbed him to death. She then cut his body int...o little pieces and fed them to cats and dogs.

The woman, who was arrested two weeks after the murder, told police she decided to murder her man because he had persistently mistreated her.

It also took her nearly two weeks to plan for the murder. After surfing through the internet for a good plot that could elude police, she found that the best way is to exhaust him by having sex with him all the night so he will fall asleep.

The woman, a tour guide, said she carried out that plan to the letter and that it did work. Her husband Adel Abdullah, also a tour guide in the central town of Minya, was worn out and was fast asleep after a full night sexual session.

She then brought a knife and started to stab him but he did not die as the knife was small. She then brought a big knife and finished him off before lying on the bed next to him for several hours to take rest.

“After I woke up, I began skinning him and cutting his body into little pieces.…I put the pieces inside bags and started throwing them to stray cats and dogs in the back garden…I then sat on the balcony watching them eating,” she told police, according to Egyptian newspapers.

“Every time they finished a piece, I threw them another piece….I then crushed his skull and bones with the gas cylinder, put black paint on them and dumped them in the garbage bin so no one will recognize them.”

Newspapers said her husband’s brother, reported him missing nearly 15 days after the murder, adding that a dustman stumbled across a painted part of the husband’s leg, which led police to discover the crime.

“I killed him because he never stopped insulting and maltreating me…he had totally obliterated my personality…our dispute had reached a dead end after he refused to divorce me, which left me with no choice but to kill him,” she said.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Dbanj (Oliver Twist)- Official Video

Watch this latest video from Dbanj ( Oliver Twist )

Nigerian invents ANDROID PC Tablet

Finally Nigerians are proving that we not only export crude oil but also creative ideas and innovative inventions. After the success of Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe, Chimanda Adichie abroad, another Nigerian, Saheed Adepoju has joined the long list of genuises by inventing the 1st Nigerian made Android OS PC tablet.

Am so thrilled with this guy, please continue to read this success story HERE

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Don Jazzy Confirms Break-up tales with Dbanj

Ace Music Producer and multi-platinum winner song maestro, Don Jazzy took to twitter today to confirm his "rumored" break-up with his protege Dbanj. So sad, yet so true....

Monday, 12 March 2012

Meet Nigeria's Youngest Pilot

 Imoleayo is just 23 years old !

Imoleayo Adebule is one of Nigeria’s youngest female pilots. Intelligent, daring, and confident are three words that best describe the tenacity with which she passed through one of the most complex schools in the world – Flying School, to obtain her license as a Commercial Pilot.

 Imoleayo has excelled in a profession that is not only averse to people of her gender, but quite difficult even to people of the opposite sex. Having graduated at the top of her class at the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, Kaduna, she now works with Aero Contractors where she is making giant strides.

Psquare is the higest paid musician in Nigeria !!!

The wealth of the dynamic duo, Peter and Paul Okoye popularly known as “P-Square”, is not in question. They have weaved their way to the top through hard work that has seen them reap dividends in form of endorsements,concerts and the likes all over Africa, including the N24m deal with Globacom.

Months back,they completed a house valued at N300m in Lagos, a hotel, as well as two multi-million naira factories in Jos. The latest gist about this identical twins is that they've stepped up their game .

According to close source, ever since P-Square joined Konvict Music record label,owned by US-based Senegal-born singer Akon,their Fee Per Show has gone up. We gathered that Psquare now earn about one hundred thousand dollars each time they are engaged by promoters especially abroad.

We can exclusively inform you that P-Square is the highest paid musician in Nigeria for now.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Charly Boy celebrates 35 years of marriage

Charly Boy and lady Di

Popular entertainer and publisher, Charly Boy and Lady Di clocked thirty five years in marriage recently. With five children from his previous marriage plus Lady Di’s three, Charly Boy has every reason to celebrate with his wife. The famous ‘okada’ riders chairman has had a hard time convincing some Nigerians of his eccentric style of dressing and hairdos which have made him and his wife, Lady G stand out in functions and family events.

This famous son of retired Justice Chukwudifu Oputa and his American wife, Lady Di, started off together in Oguta, Imo state in the early 80’s, as pepper soup sellers to make ends meet. They relocated to Lagos when the going got tough to squat in Justice Oputa’s Ikoyi home. They weathered the storm of bad press and gossip together, and today they are not celebrating years of selling pepper soup, but thirty five years of living in love, harmony and understanding. A huge congrats to the couple!

Sex and Science

As a woman ages, her body produces less of all the sex hormones, which include estrogens, progesterone and testosterone. By the time she clocks 40, the production of testosterone in her body is about half the amount she had in her 20s.

Although the ovary continues to produce testosterone after menopause, these levels drop gradually after this time. Women who have their ovaries surgically removed have even lower levels of testosterone. Testosterone is also produced in small quantities in a woman’s body, though it is usually regarded as a male hormone. read it in FULL here

Friday, 9 March 2012

Video of the day

Just watch and laff..

Whitney Houston leaves all her assets to her daughter

Whitney and Kristina

Whitney Houston left everything to her 19-year-old daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

The pop superstar's will doesn't mention specific assets, but leaves all of her furnishings, clothing, personal effects, jewelry and cars to her surviving children. Bobbi Kristina was her only child.

Inside Edition first reported the will, filed in Atlanta, on Wednesday. Houston's money will be put in a trust. Her sister-in-law and manager, Patricia Houston, was appointed the administrator of the estate.

Upon turning 21, Bobbi Kristina will receive part of the money, more of it at age 25 and the balance at age 30. Houston's trustees can give her money from the trust for various purposes, including tuition, to buy a home and to start a business.

Picture Of The Day

TGIF !!!

Dangote and Adenuga makes Forbes Billionaires List

Nigerian business tycoon Aliko Dangote has moved down 25 places on the Forbes list of billionaires for March 2012 claiming the 76th position from 51st he occupied last year. The downward movement was as a result of a $2.6 billion loss in his fortune from $13.8 billion in 2011 to $11.2 billion in 2012.

He is however still the richest man in Nigeria as the chairperson of Dangote Group which spans food processing, cement manufacturing, and freight.Mr. Dangote is not the only Nigerian who stayed on the Forbes list.The fortunes of telecoms billionaire, Mike Adenuga moved from $2 billion in 2011 to $4.3 billion as at March 2012, making him the second richest man in Nigeria. READ FULL STORY HERE

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Video of the day

Warning::: Pls dont watch if you are eating anything

Man Collapses After Realising His Daughter is The Prostitute He Hired

A Kenyan man passed out the moment he opened his hotel room door to discover the prostitute he was expecting was his own 20-year-old daughter. Fredrick Ncube is said to have collapsed while the 20-year-old daughter bolted after seeing her father.
According to kenyan's Sunday Mail, Ncube pleaded with the newspaper not to publish the story. “I am sorry for what I did. I spoke to my wife and my daughter. I apologised for my actions because I just wanted my family back,” he said.
The father of three revealed he forgave his daughter for being a commercial sex worker and hired a therapist to counsel her. “I don’t blame my daughter for what happened and what she was doing. I feel it was her way of expressing her feelings about the problems in my family,” he said.
“She has stopped that and is going back to school next year. My marital problems are not over, but we have a marriage counsellor who is helping us to get over this most difficult period in our marriage.” His wife, Rosemary, said: “If it were not for my children, I could have divorced him a long time ago. “But because I know the trauma that divorce has on children, I made a decision to stay.”

Picture Of The Day

Love knows no tribe, race, religion or colour...

We won't Apologise To Nigeria- South Africa insists

AN end to the raging diplomatic row between Nigeria and South Africa kick-started by the latter’s deportation of 125 Nigerians, including a serving senator over alleged possession of fake yellow fever vaccine certificates is not in sight.

Reason: South Africa is not ready to apologise for the dehumanising treatment and Nigeria has already reciprocate the ‘gesture’ with equal measure by deporting over 100 south africans since monday.

Feelers from both countries show that there will be more deportations on both sides as the South African government has refused to admit wrong doing and apologise as demanded by Nigeria government. A Foreign Affairs source said, “we are demanding unreserved apology from South Africa for this ill-treatment of Nigerian travelers or else, we will take more drastic actions.”

A highly placed Nigerian foreign affairs official confirmed yesterday that South Africa had persistently complained to the Nigerian government that most Nigerians coming to South Africa enter the country with fake documents but that Nigeria had not addressed the issue.

Funmi Iyanda Climbs Mount Kilimanjaro

Ace Journalist-Broadcaster Funmi Iyanda joins other 32 African countries in an advocacy effort to complete Mount Kilimanjaro.

The project, organized by the Africa UNiTE campaign group, is part of a crusade to end violence against women and girls.

The ‘climbers’, which include Iyanda, South African rock band the Parlotones, SA actress Rosie Motene, human rights lawyer, Ann Njogu, Congolese singer Barbara Kanam, and many other African women and men, are expected to arrive at Africa’s highest summit on Thursday, March 8, 2012, which falls on International Women’s Day. As part of activities, all African national flags will be displayed and the Africa commitments will be read out.

Gaga Sets Twitter Record

Lady Gaga has become the first person to amass 20 million followers on Twitter.
The pop star cracked the milestone on Monday, beating out other pop culture luminaries such as Justin Bieber, who has 18.1 million followers, and Katy Perry, whose Twitter fans number 15.6 million.

The top non-pop star on Twitter is US president Barack Obama, who has 12.8 million followers, putting him behind other Twitter leaders such as Britney Spears, Rihanna and Shakira.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Wenger Blames Referee for Champs League exit..

Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger has revealed his fury at the performance of referee Damir Skomina during Arsenal’s Champions League exit at the hands of AC Milan.

The north London outfit came agonisingly close to overturning the 4-0 deficit from the first leg at San Siro three weeks ago, running out 3-0 winners on the night.
Wenger was left incensed at the performance of the Slovenian official, who awarded 21 fouls against the Gunners, and claims Milan used him to their advantage.

"I was not happy with the referee tonight because I felt he gave many free-kicks in the middle of the park,” Wenger told reporters. "Every time they went down a free-kick was given for them, and they sensed that very quickly and they used it very well." READ FULL STORY HERE

How 3rd Class Graduates secure jobs in Nigeria

Are you a third class degree holder and think you will never become a success in life again? Perhaps, the story of Mr. Adeoye Adekoya, a tailor and a third class graduate of Economics from the University of Ado-Ekiti, (now Ekiti State University) could stir you out of your state of despondency.

Born on April 4, 1979, the Sagamu, Ogun State indigene is not just a Dealer Sales Specialist with a fast-rising telecommunications company, he is an author and an accomplished motivational speaker.
Adekoya said he never thought he could get this far in life due to his unenviable performance in the university. “But I discovered my inner abilities and strengths when I was in life’s lowest ebb,’’ READ THE FULL STORY HERE

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Just Laff it Off...

I go his best

Joke of the Day


Wife: where on earth are you?
Husband: Honey, do you remember that jewelry shop where you saw the diamond necklace and you totally fell in love with it?

The wife replied with a smile...Yes, the king of my heart i remember.
...Husband: and you remember i do not have the money to buy it for you at that time and i told you "honey, that necklace will be yours one day"

The wife is totally relaxed now with a big smile and even blushing.
Wife: Yes, i remember my love..
Husband: good of you, am at the beer parlour next to that shop


Sunday, 4 March 2012

Nigger Raw- In love with angel (VIDEO)

Something for your pleasure..

I love my Baby........Wizkid

Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun a.k.a Wizkid is indeed talented. He kicked off his singing career at a very tender age. He got signed on by Banky W’s Empire Mates Entertainment (EME), and featured prominently on Banky’s “The W Experience” album.

However, his hit-banger "Holla at your boy" launched him into limelight. He has also gone ahead to release hit singles like "Wiz party", "Bad Guys" "Pakurumo" and others, he won the most coveted REVELATION OF THE YEAR 2011  at the Hip Hop World awards last year but in all these achievements, Wizkid is only 20 years old or thereabout.

Recently rumours carried it that he got a University student pregnant, but he denied the allegation .
However, Wizkid recently put up a picture of himself and a cute baby on facebook which he tagged ‘I love my baby’. Is this another baby we never knew about? Not that we are against his fatherhood, but that he should own up to the allegation like a man. After all, our famous superstar, Tuface Idibia has being through that path and he is indeed proud


Is This Fashion or Madness???

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Ara Ft Tuface (Olomi Remix)

This video chronicles the work of Chief Ebenenzer Obey, its a remix. Nice delivery, superb shots, steel voice..enjoy

I was very poor but now I am rich.....Saka,Ph.d

Hafiz Oyetoro a.k.a. Saka, a comedian and theatre arts practitioner, a lecturer and also a MC Here, he speaks about his life, the entertainment industry and other issues

Q: Is Hafiz Oyetoro a clown in reality?
A: Hafiz Oyetoro is a normal human being born in Adegbola town in Iseyin Local Government Area of Oyo State. I am number five out of a family of eight children. I attended Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and the University of Ibadan, where I studied Theatre Arts and also have a Master’s degree in Theatre Arts specialising in African Dance. I am presently undergoing PhD programme in U.I. I lecture at Adeniran Ogunsanya Federal College of Education, Ijanikin, Lagos. I am married and blessed with three children.

Q: You became popular with that Etisalat advert, how did you come about that and how much were you paid?
Well, i can say its God that did it. i was invited for tha auditioning and fortunately i was picked even to my greatest surprise. I was paid about 20million naira initially and that was my biggest amount i have ever recieved. i almost fainted, but ever since then, my profile has increased and i can say God finally answered my prayers.

Q: Why is it that you only play the role of a clown?
A: There is no specific reason apart from the fact that I enjoy acting it. People run away from such roles because they believe that they are too big for it. Every role is important. Acting a gateman doesn’t make me a gateman, besides, an average gateman is an intelligent person. There is no role I can’t act but I must confess, sometimes, I have rejected a clown’s role.

Q: Why?
A: I don’t want to be a stereotype actor. Sometime ago, I was invited to Ghana to act a role. When I discovered that they wanted to use me as a cook, I turned it down. But I am a happy acting the role which has to do with the life of neglected common people in the society. They work and get least paid. They are dedicated and loyal to Nigeria but not recognised. I once belonged there.

Q: What is your aspiration in life?
A: To be the greatest artiste in the world who has touched the lives of people that come across him positively.

Q: Does that mean that you applied to study Theatre Arts in the university?
A: Yes. It was Theatre Arts I filled in my JAMB form and that is what the university gave me.

Q: What is your best food?
A: Initially, it was Amala and Abula, but when I left Iseyin and got to Lagos, where I grew up to become a chronic bachelor, I started eating bread and beans and since then, bread and beans have become my best food.

Q: Have you produced any film?
A: No, but I have co-produced many programmes on television.

Q: In how many films have you acted in?
A: Over 2,000.

Q: Your happiest and saddest moments?
A: My saddest moment was when my immediate elder brother who was working in Flour Mills died. The day he died, he was on night shift and when he finished around 4 a.m., he went to his personal office to have a nap. But when the driver went to wake him up so he could take him home, he was found dead. It was sad because if he were to be alive, we would have been two graduates in the family. My happiest moment is when I am performing.

Q: Why is it that it is only two of you that went to the university out of eight children of your parents?
A: At that time, education was not appreciated in the rural areas. When we finished our secondary school education, my brother gained admission into the University of Ibadan, while I gained admission into Ife, but my father’s friends advised him not to send us to the university so that he could finish the house he was building, but he didn’t heed the advice. Because he sent us to the university, he couldn’t finish his house, but unfortunately, as the two of us were planning to finish the house after we graduated, our father died. My other siblings could not go to the university because of finance.

Q: How was your upbringing like?
A: I was brought up in a polygamous setting. My mother was the second wife, but she and the first wife were so close and I didn’t know my real mother until later in life. I am the only child my mother had for my father while the first and third wives had four and three children respectively. The fourth wife inherited from his brother after his demise didn’t have any children for my father.

Q: Do you enjoy being a lecturer?
A: Yes, but a time will come that I have to cross to the universities to seek for better opportunities, especially after I may have reached the peak in the Federal College of Education.

Q: Is there anything you don’t like in the entertainment industry?
A: I don’t like the way every Dick and Harry comes into it. I don’t like its neglect by government and corporate bodies. In fact, it is sad that government doesn’t see it as a high revenue generation avenue like oil. I don’t like the way producers deny artistes their wages and mess up ladies at locations. I don’t like it that most of our women are not married. The industry affected me and that was why I was 40 years before I got married.

Q: Is it because you could not get a lady to marry?
A: Women like attention and I don’t have time to give them that.

Q: Did that action cost you any relationship?
A: Yes, I tried to marry many ladies but it did not work because of my condition. No lady will want to marry a pauper, a man without prospect. There was no money in theatre then, while the ladies want to marry lawyers, journalists, doctors, engineers and not artistes. At that time, if you meet a girl and you tell her that you are a theatre arts practitioner, she will laugh at you and just walk away.

Q: How are you coping with the two professions in which you find yourself?
A: Part of my field experience which is expected of me is to go to locations, conferences, seminars and workshops for one to get more experience and come back to impart it to students in the classroom. It is easy because I teach Theatre Arts and practise it.

Q: How old are you in the academic field?
A: I started 15 years ago as part-time lecturer at Olabisi Onabanjo University. I was one of those that started lecturing at Performing Arts department at the diploma level in the school before it was upgraded to a degree programme. Now, I have got a permanent job at FCE, Ijanikin and don’t want to go back to OOU.

Q: Are you saying that money determines love?
A: No, but prospect and image determine it. During our time, Theatre artistes didn’t have anything. The future was uncertain, while actors were associated with poverty. There was a lady who disqualified me because I didn’t have a car, but thank God, I eventually got a wife who genuinely loves me and who I genuinely love too. I was poor when I proposed to her and she accepted me and even ate gaari and epa with me in my poorly furnished room and parlour. I got married to her in 2003 and don’t have any regret marrying her.

Q: Do you come from a rich home?
A: I come from a poor background. Poverty was my friend and family for long. As you sit with me here side by side, that was how I was sitting with poverty in the past. A friend I stayed with changed a popular saying from ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’ to ‘a friend in need is a bloody nuisance.’ I was a bloody nuisance to my friend.

Q: Do you have time for your family with your busy schedule?
A: Yes. I appreciate my lecturer, Mr. Chuk Mike, who spent his money on me when I was in school. He broke my loneliness, sent me to a speech expert in U.I. and trained me to be what I am today. Because God is good and life is beautiful, we must be consistent, hard working and make the best of our time if we must succeed

Love is Truly

JOKE !!!

A lady was bathin in the bathroom when she heard her door bell ringing and quickly came out, wrapped a towel and trailed up to the door.

When she got to the door, It was her neighbour, Big Fredo.

When he saw her,he said 'Drop that towel and I'll give u fifty thousand Naira';
After thinking for a while, She removed her towel.

And she was standing in front of Big Fredo naked.

He gave her the money and left. 'Who was that' asked her husband. 'It's Big Fredo our neighbour' She replied.

The husband asked; 'Hope he brought the fifty thousand he's owing me?

As in, there's a position called "Friend Of The Governor" in waa ooo!!!